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Kaylen Prescott




    This 3rd generation musician, from both sides of his family, has been immersed in music since birth. 

    In 2007 Kaylen released his first cd with a 6 song EP, “The Cities We Made”. This proved to be the perfect testing to a full release with sister, Kelly as “Prescott” for their 2009 cd, “Lakeside Sessions”. Kaylen wrote or co-wrote seven of the ten tracks and the cd received a lot of play on CBC Radio 2 Morning and Drive Shows, BBC 2, as well as the U.S. syndicated show, Altville. 

     Performed on numerous Holiday Train tours across Canada and the US.

    Kaylen co-wrote and co-produced “Highway Free” with Madeleine Allakariallak, the Nunavut Territory artist chosen for CBC Radio 2, 2010 Song Quest. 
Kaylen also produced Rankin Inlet artist, Sam Tutanuak which had an unprecedented 3 week stint at #1 on the Aboriginal Music Countdown in 2010.

    He co-produced and co-wrote both the debut and sophomore album of the young rock band, Brothers Dubé.

He co-wrote the official campaign song for the Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2015 election. 

    Along with live performance and writing, Kaylen has also been active in shooting, editing, and directing music videos including Brothers Dubé, The Claytones, Kelly Prescott, Holiday Train, and more. 

    He is an integral part of Rip Roar Music with a vast array of knowledge in music, design, video, and social media.